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Nancy Grabhorn


Nancy Grabhorn is the Practice Manager for Grabhorn Law, overseeing all new client inquiries and supervising client services. Having spent over 18 years working in the insurance industry, Nancy is uniquely experienced and qualified in assessing life and disability insurance and ERISA claims. Her experience in the sales and marketing of life and disability insurance policies enables her to quickly recognize your issues and to help evaluate your next step in the claims process. Whether your insurance claim was denied based on a pre-existing condition or based on a change in definition, Nancy can help you to identify how Grabhorn Law might assist you – with an emphasis on providing you with a personalized touch. She will listen to your questions and concerns, and strive to minimize your stress and anxiety in dealing with the insurance and ERISA claims process.

Nancy’s experience and knowledge in dealing with insurance and ERISA claims has been a crucial key to Grabhorn Law’s success, as well as in ensuring our clients feel confident and comfortable in their decision to work with us. Nancy has been instrumental in the success of Grabhorn Law since the firm’s beginning and has been the driving force in obtaining successful results for our clients.

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