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Filing An Appeal

Time is of the essence – Do not delay in filing your short term disability appeal. Here are some helpful tips.

File Your Appeal. Generally, you only have 60 days in which to file. If you fail to file an appeal, you may lose your right to your benefits.

Ask for a complete copy of your claim file, including a copy of the insurance policy. Make sure to review these completely and correct any errors when you file your appeal.

Prepare your evidence. Get a copy of medical records, autopsy and coroner reports. Review and confirm the records accurately address the cause of death. f possible, have the doctor or medical examiner review the claim denial letter and comment on why they disagree.

File your appeal in writing and provide additional evidence supporting your claim. Even if you only submit a one-page note stating you appeal, make sure you file the appeal.

Ask the insurance company what else is needed for your appeal to be granted. Do this in writing and repeat it in every letter you send to the insurance company.