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Filing A Claim

Time is of the essence – Do not delay in filing your life and accident insurance claim. Here are some helpful tips.

Review the Insurance Policy. Make sure you get a copy of the insurance policy (ask for it in writing and read it). If you have questions about the policy, ask the insurance company.

Cooperate with the insurance company. Complete their forms. Do what they ask you to do.

Do everything in writing. If you can’t, then make sure to keep a log of who you talked to, (date, time, phone number), and what you discussed.

Ask questions about other benefits. Ask the insurance company if you are eligible for any other insurance benefits, such as accidental death benefits or life and accident survivor benefits. If so, ask how you can file a claim for those benefits.

Ask what else is needed for your claim to be approved. Do this in writing and repeat it in every letter you send to the insurance company.