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Life Insurance

How to Find a “Lost” Life Insurance Policy

You may have noticed some of the country’s largest life insurance providers, such as AIG, MetLife and Prudential, have been in the news lately.  A handful of states recently settled with MetLife and AIG for millions of dollars in order to eliminate old and introduce new claims handling procedures when it comes to unclaimed life insurance policies. …

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Insurance Commissioners’ Life Insurance Investigation Leads to Multi-State Settlement

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) announced in April 2012 a $40 million settlement with Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife) after an investigation by the NAIC Investigations of Life and Annuity Claims Settlement Practices Task Force that started in 2011. MetLife, as well as many of the nation’s other life insurance providers, routinely cross-checks…

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GMA Helps 7-Eleven Employee’s Family Get Life Insurance After 9-Month Battle

By CHRIS CUOMO and GERRY WAGSCHAL – Good Morning America – Jan. 7, 2009 Click for story and video: 7-Eleven Employee’s Family Get Life Insurance Federal Law Shields Insurers and Third-Party Administrators From Punitive Damages Lawsuits Buying life insurance through an employer seems easy enough. About one-third of Americans get their life insurance that way…

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