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S.B. v. Life Insurance Company of North America (Cigna)

“I have had a very good experience with your firm. Everyone was knowledgeable and extremely helpful.” - S.B.

Charleston, West Virginia

While working as a senior associate for United Way, our client was insured by Life Insurance Company of North America (Cigna) for long-term disability insurance benefits. When she became physically unable to continue working because of significant complications in her knees, she applied for disability benefits with Cigna. Cigna approved her insurance claim for a brief period – roughly 11 months – only to then arbitrarily terminate her claim for any further disability insurance payments. Our client appealed on her own, but Cigna denied her appeal.

Working with Grabhorn Law, an ERISA lawsuit was filed challenging Cigna’s decision to terminate the long-term disability benefits. Prior to the lawsuit going to judgment, the parties engaged in confidential settlement discussions which resolved the lawsuit to our client’s satisfaction.